Memaflex Mattress

A static, pressure reducing, visco-elastic foam mattress available in multiple sizes. Designed for medium to high-pressure risk, up to Grade 2 pressure ulcers. Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Park House Healthcare, a specialist pressure care manufacturer since 1984.


Improved Patient Comfort (For pain symptoms)
The visco-elastic foam surface allows for greater body immersion, improving comfort and increasing the surface area, This provides greater pressure redistribution and reduction.

Clinically Proven For high risk
Independent Clinical Evaluation. Reference Pam Kirby UK September 2007

Mattress Softness More stable
The Memaflex is a water-based visco. Although the surface is still temperature sensitive, it is more stable than an oil-based visco. In cold temperatures the mattress remains soft, it does not harden. On a hot day, it will not become over soft.

Visco Foam Fire retardant
The Memaflex is a water-based visco and complies with fire retardancy testing.

Cover Reduces shear and friction
The cover is waterproof, multi-stretch, vapor-permeable, impregnated with the Acti-fresh biocide. The cover can be removed and laundered at a maximum temperature of 71°c to decontaminate.


Cost-effective Longer economic life
All components are serviceable and replaceable. This mattress is designed for longevity with an economic life of 8 +years. The foam warranty is for 5 years.