Platform Walker

The Platform is narrow enough to pass through a standard 75 cm door opening, making it the perfect choice when working in confined spaces and to perform in every situation.
Modern design, rigid and stable but still with a light construction. It has height adjustable gas spring activated arm support.
Locking mechanism for height adjustment to provide a more stable feeling.
Soft and comfortable PU-pads which are easy to adjust, moisture protected and thin, for a more stable feeling.
Strong and integrated braking system with internal cables underneath.
Practical and simple push and brake handles.
Handles and height adjustment easy to position and can be done without tools.
The height adjustment lever works in both directions (up and down).
Castors easy to lock and unlock.
A narrow frame allowing it to pass through a standard 75 cm door opening.
Two parted frame easy do disassemble into a small package for transportation of the device.



Max. user weight: 150 kgWidth: 66-80 cm
Height: 86-128 cm
Length: 81 cm
Weight: 16,4 kg
Distance between arm supports: 31-47 cm
Item no: PLAT1000
Standard colour: White
Transportation measurements: Knock down in box (length x width x height) 87 x 74 x 27 cm                                                                                                                                                                                   Frame material: Aluminium & steel