Shower Chair

Shower chairs are height adjustable to improve the users’ comfort while showering. Often required by those after hip and knee surgery or those with reduced mobility.

Backup height adjustable shower chair
Backup – a powder coated, height adjustable stackable aluminium shower chair with fixed handles. Available either with a fixed or a knock-down frame.

Height adjustable
Seat height 44–64 cm, can be adjusted to 8 different positions with 2,5 cm steps by the use of snap lock clips, so it is suitable also for tall users. Seat width x depth: 40 x 40 cm.

The textured surface prevents slipping and assists in water run-off.
The blow moulding seat and back parts are very light. Sprinkling warm water gets a fast comfortable temperature to the skin.
It comes standard with a fine-adjustment leg to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.
The legs have rubber ferrules resist sliding on slippery surfaces.

Removable backrest
Removable and length adjustable backrest is an accessory on the fixed frame shower chairs and not installed as standard.
The backrest can be adjusted to 2 different positions in increments of 1 cm. The chairs can be used with or without a backrest.

Durable & strong
The shower chair is CE qualified and it has been tested and approved on users with a maximum weight of 150 kg.