Systam Back

The Systam back cushions contoured shape is designed to improve the positioning of the pelvis and lateral stability of those who need increased support.

Simple setup

 Fits in seconds, simply place cushion in front of the existing back support and attach the wide velcro strap around the wheelchair back canes/supports. Remove again in seconds for transport.

 Proven comfort

 The white cushion area is softer to provide comfort in the spinal zone, while the blue areas provide firm support for lateral stability.

 More cost effective

 The Systam back is surprisingly well priced for the benefits it provides and the cover may be easily replaced to improve longevity.

 Adapts to most wheelchairs

 With three size options the Systam back will easily fit most wheelchair seat widths between 30cm and 50cm. A bigger back in a smaller chair will provide improved lateral stability.